Movielang is a full integrated system that works with five main components:
– Contributions channels : With a main component where all content is centralized in a CMS.  The CMS allows to upload content, create events based on that content, edit and remove the events. Those events will be    displayed in the final app to the users.
– ACR system:  With a high level algorithm of audio recognition, which recognize the content in 4 second matching in the exactly time. This also contains an always listening system that allows a recognition all the time.
– Geolocation system: This system allows users to check users around who are interacting with the same content , check the percentage of correct and bad answers for events and the position in the leader board.
– Gamification platform:  Allows to create and edit galleries of awards, users can win points and change them for awards.
– Metrics Platform: You can measure the engagement, sessions, events interactions, demography, top content.

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